Jun 3 2020

· 2 min

How do you move on after such a great loss? We not only lost a great man but one of the kindest and humblest men most have ever met. Anyone who met Vernon Erb knew he was one of a kind and held the utmost respect for him. He touched the lives of many at Erb Transport, in the transportation industry and the community. He positively impacted this industry and because of this, he was recognized by many awards and achievements throughout his years.

Many people have their own unique and personal memories of Vernon. People who worked with Mr. Erb back in the early days of the company can attest to his hard work, his lead by example management style and his willingness to help the community around him. He continued to foster a family-oriented culture no matter how much the company grew and took the time to get to know your name and visit each terminal regularly to check in.  He would drop everything to drive a charity shipment out east to those in need or make sure the local organizations close to his heart had the funding they needed to keep going. We will miss reading his Erban Report stories of the early days of the company and hearing of his most recent adventures out in the farm fields.  

Vernon taught us all many lessons. He taught us to follow our dreams. He started this company with one truck and a dream of having a few more, and Erb now has over 800 trucks and 1500 employees and owner operators. He taught us about determination and to keep trying. If you fail, get back up and try again. He taught us that nothing will come easy, it will be hard work and it will be worth it in the end. He taught us to have integrity and treat everyone honestly and with respect. He taught us that having a good partner is very important. Thank you to Viola Erb who pushed him past his self doubt and had the faith in him to keep going and living his dream. Without this faith, Erb Transport would not be here today.

Something at Erb is now missing, but we know the lessons that Vernon taught us will help us slowly find our way. He is always in our thoughts and will forever be in our gratitude. We are all here because of him. Because he started this great organization and trusted us to help him run it. Erb’s reputation in the industry, contacts, customers, and suppliers are a direct reflection of his integrity and the way Vernon ran this company. His values of honesty and loyalty will remain an integral part of Erb Transport and be carried on through all of us.

Thank you, Vernon, for allowing us to be part of the Erb family. You have built a great company and we will remember you and will cherish the memories and lessons you taught us. We will miss you tremendously but your legacy will continue to live on in the countless lives you have impacted and you will be remembered for years to come.