Keeping it Cool with Erb Cold Storage


May 23 2018

· 2 min
Keeping it Cool with Erb Cold Storage

Erb Transport is most commonly known for refrigerated food transportation and truck driving. Many people don’t know, however, that not only can we pick up your goods; we can also store and ship them out at your convenience. We’re a full one-stop-shop!  Erb’s Cold Storage facilities are arguably the least known aspect of our operations, which is why we have highlighted this department for this week’s blog! Cold Storage is an essential aspect of the cold chain, and an essential part of Erb Transport.


This week, we interviewed Jason Brown, the cold storage manager here in Baden, ON. Erb has multiple Cold Storage facilities all around Ontario, but Baden is one of the busiest! Cold Storage holds goods for our customers while they’re waiting to be shipped. Without this holding place, our favorite foods wouldn’t make it to the stores so quickly! Erb’s Cold Storage facility in Baden has more than 100 customers, meaning that your favorite product or food is probably in our warehouse!


Jason Brown was hired just six months ago, but is already impressed with Erb and our facilities. Jason has spent the better part of his career working in Cold Storage; almost 18 years! It was interesting to hear that Jason’s favorite part of working at Erb is seeing the pride in all of our employees. He explained that the employees here at Erb are truly dedicated to the company, and many of them have been here for the majority of their careers! A true love for the job makes a significant impact on day-to-day activities and projects. The behind-the-scenes work that goes on in cold storage is the reason Jason loves his industry! Without Cold Storage, nothing could function properly.


Erb’s Cold Storage facilities also do a lot of good within our communities. Often times, our space is used to help with community activities! We’ve previously stored food for churches, food banks, or community food drives, absolutely free of cost. If needed, we also transport the goods we’ve stored to wherever they need to go. We have the opportunity and resources to help our community, and feel it is only fair that we do so.


Although we operate as a business and have regular business goals, Jason was thrilled when he saw that we also act as a community and as a family. Erb’s cold storage is still growing, and we get an overwhelming amount of companies wanting to use our facilities. Jason says this speaks directly to our reputation and willingness to go above and beyond for our customer. Two to three months ago, our cold storage facility in Montreal was empty, and today it’s almost 2/3 full.


Jason also emphasized his team in being such a massive part of why Cold Storage operates so well. He explains that his team starts the day together, and no one leaves until everyone is finished their jobs. Jason explained that he’s never seen a team quite like the Cold Storage team we have here at Erb. Many people on this team have dedicated their entire careers to this job, and we thank them for that unwavering dedication!


Cold Storage here at Erb is an essential part of our operations. We are so thankful for employees like Jason, and his team of dedicated workers. Erb wouldn’t be the same without them.