Is trucking a good career choice?


Mar 2 2022

· 2 min
Is trucking a good career choice?

Amrit Nijjar, is a 25-year-old Punjabi Canadian who recently passed his three-month probation at The Erb Group of Companies to become a full-time AZ US Local Driver. Initially, he went to trade school to be an auto mechanic. He worked in the field for a short period but didn’t feel that he was progressing or making the salary at the rate he hoped.

Amrit explained, “I’m part of a multi-generational trucking family. My grandfather, dad, and uncles all drive trucks. I saw them work as owner-operators and start their own trucking company. Since I wasn’t making the money I needed as a mechanic, I started to work for a company that had no family ties.”

Bumping into other drivers on the road, Amrit began to hear more and more about The Erb Group of Companies from fellow drivers. “I was the first in my family to make the leap to a mainstream trucking company outside of the Indian community. Although I loved working with my community, I needed to make my next career step. The support system and training I have experienced in the short time at Erb feels like night and day difference. While on the road, I noticed Erb trucks were always well-maintained. As they say, happy drivers, happy company.”

Typical Day

Amrit mainly does local runs in Mississauga and every so often crosses the border into Buffalo. He adds, “I like to sleep at home every night. I’m engaged and ready to get married soon. I’m able to stay local but still do cross-border, which allows me to keep that balance. It’s the best of both worlds.”

A typical day starts early, between 4-7 AM. He liaises with dispatch to get all his paperwork, followed by a pre-trip inspection and filling out the paperwork. Later he checks his satellite messages before heading out to do pick-ups and deliveries.

Career Aspirations

“I have two mentors at Erb that I really value. Driver Supervisor, Tracy Quinn, has always believed in me and continues to guide me. Fred is guy who started off as a driver and now works in the office within the Driver Services department. I think it’s valuable to have mentors when you’re new to the industry.”

Amrit hopes to become an in-cab trainer in the future. “From the very first day, Tracy has believed in me and has seen my good work ethic when it comes to paperwork. After my probation, I hope to become an in-cab trainer. I feel like I can help more drivers do their jobs efficiently and accurately. It’s very fulfilling.” In just a short period, Amrit describes himself as becoming a more safety-conscious driver through patience and sharing of tips between colleagues.

He continues to be an advocate for the industry and is always trying to convince friends to come into trucking. Amrit adds, “It’s a fun and challenging career to get into. Every day is different. The change of pace is what I really value, and money comes second.”

Interested in driving for The Erb Group of Companies? Check out our job postings here. We do request one year of driving experience; however, once you have reached the 10–12-month mark, we encourage you to reach out to our recruiting team to start learning about the application process. Please email us at when you are ready to make cool moves!