Sep 5 2018

· 2 min

National Trucking Week is a weeklong celebration dedicated to recognizing the important contributions made by the men and women who keep the country’s freight moving. The purpose of this week is to thank them, appreciate them, and recognize them as the behind-the-scenes leaders they are. Without this industry, our society would be immeasurably different.

Here at Erb, we often hear stories of our drivers going above and beyond for our customers or their fellow employees. It is not surprising or uncommon to hear about our drivers committing random acts of kindness for strangers on the road, or getting compliments on their cautious and safe driving. On this day during National Trucking Week, we just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you not only to the drivers here at Erb, but to the 400,000 Canadian men and women who do this job and make a genuine impact on society. Our exceptional truck drivers, office workers, dock workers, shop and warehouse staff, dispatchers, customer service employees, and more, truly make our society function as well as it does today.

If you walk into any Erb Transport terminal across Canada, you’ll see firsthand the dedication and hard work that our employees exude every single day. Although Erb is spread across the country and is comprised of many moving parts, we are unified through our goals and celebrate our successes together. If one goal is reached, it is thanks to employees all across Canada working as one.

Without these employees, the products that we have come to love and rely on would be completely out of reach. In fact, it would be difficult to name one industry that doesn’t rely on transportation of some kind to receive or send their products. Trucking impacts everyone in different ways, even if you can’t directly see it.

Did you know…

  • The Canadian trucking industry transported roughly 729.2 million tons of freight in 2015 (that freight is made up of all of your favorite products!)
  • Trucks transported roughly 60% of the trade between Canada and America in 2016
  • Nearly every sector of the economy is relies on trucking
  • Almost every type of product is shipped or received on a transport truck


Trucking is essential to the movement of our economy, and our society. We cannot thank our employees here at Erb Transport enough for all they do. No job is insignificant, and each and every person in this industry plays a crucial role in its operations and efficiency. This week, be sure to thank someone in this industry for their part in getting your favorite products on the shelf.

Happy National Trucking Week, everyone!