Sep 9 2020

· 2 min

“As we celebrate National Trucking Week, we want to recognize our professional drivers that ‘get the job done’, especially this year when so much has changed in our world. There are many words that would best describe a professional driver, but to identify some would be: safe, courteous, attentive, tidy, punctual, committed, hard-working, respectful, loyal, patient, quick-thinking, observant, and selfless, however these words don’t cover all the aspects of a professional driver or their amazing qualities. Similarly, when we look at a diamond, only some of its surfaces are visible. We don’t always see the whole diamond, but this doesn’t minimize the valued treasure that we have in our midst, as is such with our drivers.  Some of us see them from different angles but know that they are appreciated and treasured for their contribution to Erb Transport. Without them, we would not be.”  – Sheldon Wheeler, Erb Driver Supervisor/Corporate Training Manager

National Trucking Week first began in the late 1990’s to highlight the contributions of workers in the trucking industry who keep our country’s freight moving, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now, over 20 years later, this week seems to mean more than it ever did before. This pandemic has taught us all something we have always known — the trucking industry is essential. We are reminded of how proud we feel to be part of this industry and how tough it can get at times.

This week, we not only celebrate the essential front-line drivers of our industry, but all those dedicated professionals behind the scenes who keep our wheels turning. They make sure our trucks leave our terminals safely, on-time and with the proper loads for our customers!  As we have said before, it takes a team to run a company like Erb Transport, and we are all in this together.

Thank you to all the hard working and dedicated people in this industry who have kept our essential supplies moving and our grocery store shelves stocked. If you see a member of the trucking industry remember to thank them!

 Happy National Trucking Week!