Oct 3 2018

· 2 min

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is the time to show some extra appreciation for the little things in life. As individuals, we treat our neighbours, friends, and family members with love and respect. Comparably, as a corporation, we have this same responsibility towards our communities and their residents. Giving back has remained a priority for the Erb Group since 1959, and Thanksgiving is a great time to enhance these efforts and practice what we preach.

This year, in light of the Thanksgiving holiday, we have followed the lead of our generous local community and have participated in a significant number of community outreach initiatives. With terminals located in so many different cities around Canada, we make a strong effort to give back in as many as possible.

This year, The Erb Group transported 11,164lbs of donated food from the Second Harvest Food Rescue in Toronto to the Food Coalition in London, after the Food Rescue received an  overflowing amount of donated items. Our truck and driver delivered the food to its destination without a hitch. We also donated time and resources to the Mennonite Relief Sale, the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival, as well as the Hillcrest Church.  These examples barely scratch the surface regarding our community initiatives; we continually make a strong effort throughout the year. Whether its transporting products free of charge, using our equipment to store and refrigerate food for non-profits, volunteering our time, or making a monetary donation, Erb gives back in whatever way we can. We are even asked to bring our antique tractors and trailers to events in the Wilmot community throughout the year!

Our participation in these community outreach activities is integral to our culture; we want to enhance the feeling of inclusivity among residents and employees alike. We want to act as a pillar of strength for the communities we operate in, and we want to illustrate what it looks like to be involved and give back.  Our industry is always evolving and changing, but our efforts to nourish the communities that we are lucky enough to grow in, will always remain the same.

This Thanksgiving, be sure to appreciate all that you have and all that’s around you; and be extra sure to indulge in some great turkey!