Feb 12 2020

· 2 min

Love is in the air and if you’re on the road this Valentine’s Day, here’s a few ways to show your loved one you care.  Professional drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and sometimes they miss holidays. In a world connected by technology, it has become a lot easier to stay in touch. Here are fun ideas to help you show your Valentine you care!


Video call them – Call your honey and have a phone a date. Traditional phone calls are nice of course but being able to see each other on camera will make the call even sweeter. Remind them why they are so special to you and that you appreciate them. You can use Facebook for video calls, FaceTime or WhatsApp!


Catch a movie together – Either go to a movie theater near by or watch one on Netflix. Agree on a movie you can both watch at the same time and have a movie date! Don’t forget to stalk up on some yummy treats to have the full movie experience.


Share a post – Public displays of affection can be sweet and thoughtful, especially when they’re unexpected. Take a little time to go through your photographs and post a few of your favourite memories on Facebook. Add a thoughtful caption telling them the qualities you admire in them and why you fell in love with them.


Send them flowers – Look for a floral shop near them and arrange for your partner to receive flowers on Valentine’s day.


Hide a card – If you know you will be away on Valentine’s day, hide a card before you hit the road. Send your significant other clues to where the card is hiding and let them have a little scavenger hunt. Small and thoughtful gestures go a long way.


Take them on road with you – At Erb we have a passenger policy, talk to your dispatcher about bringing your loved one on the road with you. This will give you lots of time together and an opportunity to celebrate in a new location!


Make your own Valentines Day – Who say’s Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated on February 14? Plan to do something special when you get back! There’s no need to skip the holiday just because you will be away.


Every day is a good day to show your significant other you care about them. Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, don’t let distance between you stop you! If you’re alone on the road this year, don’t let it bring you down. Do what you can to stay connected and celebrate in your own way. After all, you know what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are on the road?