Jul 31 2019

· 2 min

Have you ever tried to book a service online and found yourself struggling with complicated procedures and unclear instructions? At Erb Transport, we understand our customers’ need to save time and resources when conducting business and, more specifically, when transporting their goods. Therefore, we have simplified our booking process to these four easy steps. Here’s how to ship with us:

Fill out our online form

On our website, you will find the “Ship with Us” form right on the home page. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you click on the form, there will be various questions that you need to answer in order for us to give you an accurate quote. This could be completed within five minutes.

Receive a detailed quote

After completing and submitting the online form, you can expect to hear from one of our representatives within two hours. We will provide you with a detailed quote which you can review.

Receive a new customer package

New customers will receive a starter kit with all forms and information to get them started. No hidden fees or procedures, we want you to be informed.

For returning customers, you can skip right to step four.

Track your shipment

Once you have booked with us and we have processed your order, you can start tracking your shipment using unique login credentials provided by us. At this step, you will be able to get real-time reports on your freight temperature, location and time of delivery. Should you have any questions or concerns, our customer service or sales department are always happy to help.


At Erb Transport, we believe that there are three key elements in maintaining business success: quality service, efficient processes, and building customer relationships based on mutual loyalty. Our commitment is to serve each customer superbly by “doing it right the first time.” You may begin as a first-time customer and find yourself being our long-term partner.


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