Food Safety and Security in the Trucking Industry


Feb 13 2018

· 2 min
Food Safety and Security in the Trucking Industry

Time and temperature sensitive food transportation is a very specific and unique niche. Properly shipping temperature sensitive foods is a task that can be achieved through training, meticulous observation, and plenty of experience. Here at Erb, the safety of our shipments is one of our top priorities. We maintain the integrity of the product from shipper to consignee, transport our goods in a safe and secure manner, and actively maintain the cold chain from pick up to delivery. Erb is committed to not only meeting all safety requirements, but exceeding them. We ensure the completion of all certificates before they’re required, and are consistently upgrading our technology and practices.


Ensuring a safe shipment involves many procedures. We actively practice sanitation programs for all trucks and facilities, provide extensive training to all employees, and maintain and monitor the cold chain during transportation. All of these maneuvers, though very basic, ensure the success of our delivery and the safety of consumers.


2017 saw many changes and innovations for the Erb Group. We began installing our brand new Reefer Telematics System, a.k.a., Smart Reefers. These Smart Reefers offer real time temperature monitoring capabilities, giving us the ability to ensure a safe and successful shipment. All 10 Erb terminals have real time temperature monitoring systems, letting us ensure the correct temperature for our docking stations.


Erb’s TFSP (Trucking Food Safety Program) is widely recognized within the industry. Our PCP (Preventative Controls Plan) certification is HACCP based. Each program ensures the safety of our products. In 2017, both Canadian and American food safety acts were revised and mandated to protect the food chain. Subsequently, all individual programs were mandated to meet the requirements of the Canadian and American programs. Erb, being a leader in this area, had already met these requirements when we implemented and obtained the trucking HACCP certification 18 years earlier. Like any program, however, revisions are always needed to maintaining legislation and laws.


Although Erb Transport offers expedited services for our customers, this quick delivery is combined with the highest possible standards for safe shipping. When you ship with Erb, you’re guaranteed a safe and secure process.