Sep 18 2019

· 3 min

Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month – a chance for Canadians to reflect on food insecurity and poverty problems in our country. Therefore, as a firm believer of collaboration and community support, Erb Transport was honoured to be a Row Sponsor for Waffles in the Warehouse – an annual fundraising event organized by the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Waffles in the Warehouse

With the participation of business owners, community leaders and influencers, Waffles in the Warehouse was an informative and empowering event. Starting at 7:15 AM, the event opened its door to attendees and allowed them to socialize as well as tour around the warehouse. The organizers turned their venue into an interactive and educational space by featuring alarming facts and statistics on hunger and poverty at each food station.

“I was amazed by how large and organized the warehouse was,” says Alexandra Salmeron, Erb Transport’s Communications and Public Relations Coordinator who attended the breakfast. “I think it’s a brilliant idea to invite people into their facility. Seeing the scope of their operation allowed me to visualize how severe our hunger issue is, and what a big difference the Food Bank is making in our community.”

Erb Transport representatives at the Food Bank warehouse

Powerful Messages

The event featured a panel of industry experts who did an excellent job of portraying the food insecurity situation in our province and the great strides the Food Bank has made to combat it. Wendi Campbell, CEO of the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, stated that “hunger can impact anyone, anytime and anywhere in our community,” which profoundly resonated with us.

Finally, they introduced their keynote speaker, Chris Martin, a former Food Bank of Waterloo Region Recipient. Martin shared the hardships he faced as a child who did not have food on the table and would often go to school with an empty stomach. With the assistance he got from the Food Bank, Chris was able to overcome his struggles and he now dedicates his career to helping others. These messages were extremely powerful and thought-provoking; they highlighted the complexity of the issue and what we can do to help. By donating, we are doing much more than providing meals to people – we are also changing lives.

1 in 20 households in Waterloo Region are in need of food assistance.

“This event is so important for us,” says Kim Wilhelm, Director of Development at the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. “Not only is this a fundraising opportunity, it is also a chance for us to raise awareness about the impossible choices that some people have to make every day. Whether to pay rent or to put food on the table – that is the question no one should have to ask.”

How Erb Transport helps

As a long-time partner of the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, Erb Transport has donated 1,360,556 pounds of food, raised more than $13,000, and supplied more than 787,399 meals to local residents. Our pledge to foster our community and give back to our neighbours is stronger than ever. Like the Food Bank of Waterloo, we believe that every citizen deserves to meet their need of nutrition. And that is why we bring food to your family’s table.


For more information on the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and ways you can help, click here.