Five reasons why you should consider a career in trucking


Mar 16 2022

· 2 min
Five reasons why you should consider a career in trucking

Want to jump into a second career? Are you deciding what driving school to attend? Are you debating on following in a family members’ footsteps to become a professional truck driver? No one’s path to trucking, or any career is linear. Everyone has their own story of why they chose a career in the transportation industry.

At The Erb Group of Companies, we have drivers from all walks of life. A large portion of our driver workforce are in their 50s. However, we are seeing a new generation of drivers coming into the industry. Our workforce has seen several female drivers emerging, and millennials applying to job roles.

Are you still on the fence and wondering if a career in trucking is right for you? We’ve outlined five reasons why you may want to consider a career in trucking.

Job Security

As a specialist in temperature-controlled transportation and logistics, we are in a unique position to always have shipment demands. There is always a need for perishable food items. They are and will always be in demand; meaning you are never without job security. Even during the pandemic, our drivers remained busy, still on the roads, delivering items throughout North America. Trucking also plays a vital role in the Canadian and U.S. economy. According to Transport Canada, roughly 30,000 trucks cross the Canada-U.S. border every day, carrying an estimated $1 billion in goods. In 2021, there were 324,200 truck drivers in Canada, an increase from 300,000 drivers in 2020.

Career Pathways

For most truck drivers, this is a second career. However, you can still move through the ranks or find roles that suit your preferences and lifestyle. As a current employee, you have access to job postings before they are listed externally. This allows you to have the first pick at applying for your next cool move.


Community and family-based values are embedded into our foundation. We don’t always shout about our community involvement, but you won’t go a week or month without hearing about The Erb Group of Companies pitching in to help. Our latest involvement includes driving mattresses donated by a local company to a community youth shelter. Food drives, sponsoring local playgrounds or celebrating females in the industry are few a few initiatives you can get involved with.

Freedom and Independence

Not a fan of the office cubicle? Truck driving is a great way to see our North American landscape. Our drivers like the independent lifestyle they get while on the road. If you want a real treat, our long-haul cross-border drivers get the amazing experience to see some pretty wicked sunsets.

Flexible Schedule

Want to still be able to come home at night? You can become a Local Driver. Want to live a life on the road? You can find roles as a long-haul driver within Canada or cross-border. Let’s drop a myth buster fact right now. Not all truck drivers are away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time. You have the flexibility to find a job opportunity and get the hours that suit your lifestyle. Speak with our recruiters or managers to learn about how you can push your career forward.

Learn more about how the trucking industry is evolving by visiting Canadian Trucking Alliance’s “Choose to Truck” campaign. Know someone that may benefit from reading this? Share the link with a friend.