Fighting Tiredness and Fatigue on the Road


Apr 24 2019

· 2 min
Fighting Tiredness and Fatigue on the Road

As a truck driver, the last thing you want is to be fighting to stay awake before, during, or after a long trip. Other than the irritability and fatigue that comes with being tired, there’s also one other glaring issue: safety.

Everyone has moments at work where nothing sounds more appealing than a nice, long nap. Truck drivers, however, can’t afford to have that thought process. They cannot be less than 100% focused on the road and their driving; they can’t be tired.

Tiredness can be influenced by various factors in your life, such as:

  • Not enough sleep
  • Not enough fuel
  • Caffeine overload
  • External anxieties
  • Not enough exercise

This list is just the beginning. Though you may never know what caused your tiredness, the most important thing is that you can fight it. Try these tips to fight tiredness and fatigue, especially if you’re on the road:

  • Get a good sleep before the trip. A full 7-8 hours of sleep can boost your energy, improve your ability to focus, and improve your mood.
  • Eat often, and before the trip. Studies show that eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours has been linked to a boost in energy throughout the day. Make sure you eat a nutrient packed meal before you leave, too.
  • Get some exercise. This may seem like the last thing you want to do if you’re fighting a wave of tiredness, but it can actually help boost your energy. If you stop for lunch, try some easy exercise.
  • Use caffeine to your advantage. It’s not uncommon to have a coffee in the morning to boost your energy, but too much caffeine will leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Make sure you aren’t over-doing it!

Along with these tips to fight tiredness, there is one golden rule: recognize when you’re too tired to drive. There is no point, no cause great enough, to get behind the wheel if you’re too tired to focus. Taking premature actions to fight tiredness is the number one step towards a long, safe, and effective trip.