Erb’s Summer Barbecues 2018


Jun 27 2018

· 2 min
Erb’s Summer Barbecues 2018

It’s time for the annual Erb employee and customer appreciation barbecues. These barbecues give our employees an opportunity to connect with each other and unwind outside of the office as well as connect with customers and suppliers. Vernon Erb, our founder, and Wendell Erb, his son and the company’s President, always try and spend the day outside with our employees cooking up a storm. Everyone loves catching up with Vernon and Wendell, especially when they’re making burgers! Members of our executive team and other key managers also attend the events, and enjoy connecting with our employees.

Erb always aims to create a positive workplace environment for our employees to thrive in. We execute these barbecues each year, without fail, because we truly believe that our employees deserve something special.

Erb Transport has terminals and drivers spread across Canada, which means it can be difficult to appreciate all of our employees at one time. It can be especially difficult to organize appreciation events for our drivers, as they are always on the road! We try to combat this issue by ensuring that our barbecues are planned for various days throughout the summer, and drivers can drop by at the one they’re closest to at their convenience.  We also try to run the BBQs for longer hours (some terminals even host breakfast or run the grill in the middle of the night) to ensure we include as many employees as possible. This brings all of our employees together, and is a great way to introduce drivers with employees at various terminals; it’s a great way to keep all of Erb connected.

Our employees are encouraged to bring their families to the barbecues as well. Erb Transport has always prioritized our family roots and values, and we encourage our employees to do the same. Connecting our employees and their families through our events is something we value and cherish. Often times, we even let children sit and see inside of our trucks, which is always a huge hit!

At some terminals, even employees from local businesses that are connected with Erb stop by for a visit and grab some lunch! We are so glad that the employee barbecues bring so much excitement and anticipation to our offices, and we are so proud of all Erb terminals for executing them so well. Appreciating our employees has always been, and will always be, a priority for Erb.