Jan 20 2021

· 2 min

Since the beginning of the pandemic our day-to-day activities have been affected and our methods of buying groceries is no exception. Leaving our homes with masks, hand sanitizers and waiting outside in lines to get our essential shopping done has become our new norm. Despite the best efforts of grocery stores to maintain the safety and well-being of their customers, many people are choosing to order their groceries online and do curbside pickup or have them delivered. Whether it be for convenience or safety reasons, consumer habits are changing. 

Earlier this week at Erb we were excited to announce the official opening of Erban Marketplace, our very own online marketplace that pairs with our superior home delivery service. With decades of experience in providing safe refrigerated transportation and the growing need for online resources, we knew it was time to give Ontarians a full grocery experience they could rely on.

Safety is a priority of Erb Transport and something we excel in; we know safety is especially a concern for us all right now and peace of mind is something we all need. All of our vehicles and Erban Marketplace warehouse locations are HACCP certified.Our drivers and warehouse employees are food safety certified and are taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions. When someone places an order with us, they can be sure that all safety measures are being taken and that they will receive their products at the perfect temperature. 

Erban Marketplace is currently serving southern Ontario and the Ottawa region. All deliveries are made person-to-person to ensure the integrity of the products; we will not leave any order unattended! Deliveries are made on Wednesday and Thursday each week and our track and trace app makes it really easy to know when your order will be arriving. Our marketplace offers you a variety of premium products from our trusted suppliers and has many products made right here in Ontario! Make sure to check out Erban Marketplace regularly as our growing marketplace will be adding more vendors and products on an on-going basis.

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