Awards and Achievements of Erb Transport

Erb Transport is proud to announce that we are one of the official 2018 recipients for the Top Fleet Employer award, presented by Trucking HR Canada! Canada is home to over 4,500 trucking fleets, with only 52 hand-picked for this award. Erb is delighted to have been chosen for this award and will spend the rest of 2018 living up to these expectations. The Top Fleet Employer award winners are considered leaders in the industry. Erb is also proud to be one of the only 8 other fleets receiving the Distinction Award, as this is our fifth consecutive year winning the Top Fleet Employer. Erb Transport has won many different awards over the years…


So far in 2018, Erb received:

  • TCA: Best Fleets to Drive For

In 2017, Erb received:

  • Trucking HR Canada: Top Fleet Employers Award
  • Infrastructure Health and Safety
  • Waterloo Region’s Healthy Workplace Awards –  Platinum Award Recipient

In 2016, Erb received:

  • TCA: Best Fleets to Drive For
  • Trucking HR Canada: Top Fleet Employer
  • Waterloo Region’s Healthy Workplace Awards – Gold Award Recipient
  • Ministry of Transport – Commercial Road Safety Achievement Award


Prior to 2016, Erb had received roughly 38 awards and recognition achievements from various institutions and organizations; today, that number has increased to over 50. These achievements demonstrate that Erb can deliver results in an efficient, effective, and safe manner. Ideally, these awards instill trust in our customers and employees, and prove that we can deliver good, strong results. Here at Erb, we think of our achievements as milestones. With each new-year, our business changes and grows a little more.  We always strive to improve our business, and a testament to our improvements comes in the form of our awards. We also thank everyone who has helped us achieve this, as we could not do it without you!


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