The Special Olympics

In 1969, the very first Canadian Special Olympics event was held in Toronto. Fast forward 50 years, the movement has inspired and brought joy to thousands of people. Specifically, the organization has worked to improve the quality and accessibility of sports for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The Special Olympics’ mission is to “open hearts and minds” and “create inclusive communities all across Ontario.” In other words, they want to ensure ALL athletes get the equal opportunity to take part in sports activities.

The Truck Convoy

As a way of supporting this important cause, the trucking industry organized their annual Truck Convoy. Dating back to 2005, The Ontario Convoy has raised more than $930,000 for the Special Olympics and created a significant impact on our community. This year, the Convoy sets out to cross a milestone – to raise $1 million for the Special Olympics.

The contribution of Erb Transport

Understanding the value of diversity, empowerment and community building, Erb Transport has been a strong supporter of the Special Olympics. Therefore, each year, our drivers actively participate in the convoy because we all share one common belief. We believe that every person deserves an opportunity to enrich their lives and enhance their physical and mental health through sports.

This Saturday, our Founder, Vernon Erb, will be personally joining the Mighty Convoy in Paris, Ontario, along with some of our drivers. We are extremely proud to raise awareness and contribute to the Special Olympics – an organization that ensures athletes with intellectual disabilities get the acceptance, respect and equality they deserve. Furthermore, we are always excited to see various trucking companies and drivers coming together to make this event a successful one. This is just one of the many great things about the trucking industry – our collaboration and compassion.

Today is the last day that you can make a difference to Ontarians’ lives. Donate now to sponsor our trucks!


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