3-year-old with cancer fulfills his dream


“Are we going to the clinic?” asked Nathan.

“No, honey. We’re going for a ride in a transport truck!” his mom explained.


First ride-along ever

Nathan Snyder went on an amazing adventure yesterday thanks to the help of his parents and Erb Transport. The three-year-old Brantford boy was diagnosed with cancer at 22 months. One day, Nathan had a fever and could not walk. When his parents took him to the hospital, they found out that he had leukemia. During his stays at McMaster Hospital, Nathan became fascinated with trucks and vehicles as he watched them drive past the window of his room.

“He’s been obsessed with vehicles for as long as we can remember,” says Tonya, Nathan’s mother. “He knows the names of all the trucks. He told me his dream is to get into every kind of truck in the world!”

Although Nathan has had the opportunity to sit in a construction vehicle, a garbage truck and a fire truck, he has never been on a ride-along before – until now. Nathan and his parents arrived at Erb Transport’s Baden terminal at around 8:30 Monday morning. Excited and a little nervous, Nathan was shy and quiet in the beginning. However, at the first sight of the transport truck that he was going to be in, he started smiling and pointing at it to show everyone.

The journey

Scott Misener, Erb Transport’s Baden Driver Supervisor, took Nathan and his parents out for a drive. As soon as he got in the cabin, the little boy was curious to observe and explore everything around him: the steering wheel, the driver’s seat, the control panel, and more. During the drive, Nathan was thrilled to see different types of trucks on the road. He smiled and waved at drivers as they passed by and asked Scott plenty of questions about his trailer. He displayed a strong sense of compassion; every now and then he would turn to his parents to check in on them and see if they are doing OK.

Nathan SnNathan Snyder inside the transport truck

“He is a ridiculously positive kid,” Nathan’s mom exclaimed. “Through all the hospital visits and chemotherapy treatments, Nathan never lost his smile and his passion for trucks. His optimism was the only thing that kept me going. Nothing makes me happier than hearing him laugh.”

The end results

After returning to the Baden terminal, Scott let Nathan pull the air horn and gifted him a die cast Erb truck. Scott was happy to make a new little friend. “Nathan is a bright boy,” says Scott. “It is always nice to see kids’ enthusiasm with trucks. It never gets old.” Nathan also got to meet Wendell Erb, President and CEO of Erb Transport. They shook hands and walked around to see the other trucks in the yard. By the end of the morning, Nathan left, feeling inspired and exhilarated.

Nathan Snyder with Wendell Erb, President and CEO of Erb TransportNathan Snyder with Wendell Erb, President and CEO of Erb Transport

Nathan has been responding well to his medication and was in great spirits yesterday. He is starting phase 4 (out of 11) of his maintenance treatment today, and he is excited to tell the doctors and nurses all about his eventful morning.



Praying for painless treatments and a full recovery for Nathan. Prayers for mom and dad that they find strength from our Lord and Saviour through this journey. Blessing to Erb’s for giving a special day. Praying you find strength through our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

Todd Marshall

Their is nothing better to see a little man’s smile and put his mind elsewhere. Nice job Scott

Mary Lou (Kane) Shafer

Thank you Erb transport for making a little boy’s eyes light up and smile from ear to ear. Very good luck in the rest of your journey Nathan. xoxo

Lyoness Woodstock

Yet another cool move by the people at Erb. Wonderful to smiles on faces young or old.

Geoff Roberts

So touching to see the company I work for helping make a little boys dream come true. I pray for your strength and endurance through these tough times. You got this Nathan!

Terry Richards

Absolutely beautiful. That little boy will never forget fulfilling his dream. Well done Erb transport and Scott Misener.

Ken ickerson

That was amazing what erb did for that young kudos to erb for doing so I lost a cousin due leukemia many years ago hope for the best for the young vet better soon

Marcel Vincent

Nothing but a child’s smile lights up the world! I’ll pray too for his success to fight his cancer. Beautiful thing, Scott and Wendell!

Donna Pautler

This is one of the reasons my husband was proud to be employed by Erb Transport for 47 years! Hats off to for caring about people!

Sandi & Wayne Bast

Makes my husband and I proud to be a member of a Company that has some much compassion and care. Another Cool Move!!!!

Mark Wallace

Way to go guys nothing like love and compassion to make a little boy smile. Thanks Scott and Wendell. Hang tough Nathan.

Tracy Gray

You guys have made my grandson Nathan very happy it’s great to see him smiling and laughing and full of stories about his day . Thank you all so much ❤️


    Hi Tracy,

    It was our pleasure to take him on his first truck ride. He is a lovely boy and it was a special day for us all.

    Thank you for your kind words.

Jackie Hood

God bless you for your kindness! My mother was raised in New Hamburg. I’m sure the ‘Miller’ and ‘Haun’ families would be very proud of the love you have shown to little Nathan as am I.
Jackie Hood…Hamilton

Vigne Sridharan

Thanks to the writer for sharing this story of kindness and inspiring others to do the same!

Susan and Lyle Rozendal

Makes us so proud to belong to such a great company. Making dreams come true for such a strong little man. Thank you everyone at Erbs for making this possible.

Danny Bowes

What an awesome thing to do. I always like seeing your nice red trucks on the road, but this story will make my heart warm from now on at the mere glimpse of an Erb rig. The difference you have made in one little boy’s life and world cannot be understated. BRAVO. God bless and heal this wonderful little fella, and God bless Erb Transport to prosper.

Ronald Lee

The reason so many people love to work at Erb. A company that genuinely cares. Great job guys, I can’t even imagine what this young man is going through everyday and you have brightened a day for him with many smiles to follow as he remembers the time spent at Erb.

Tonya Snyder

Thank you everyone for your kind words and thanks again erb for giving this beautiful gift to my son. Nathan continues to talk about it he tells everyone he went for a ride. Still smiles about it he even brought his hat to clinic to show everyone there it was absolutely adorable. Thank you so much again.


    Hi Tonya,

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to fulfill one of Nathan’s wishes. We are very happy to hear that he enjoyed the ride and the presents!

    We wish Nathan and your family all the best in your journey.


My baby cousin is doing so well!!.I’m soo super proud of you my little cuz ..you have gone through sooo much and you have kicked cancers a#s. I love you so much bubby ❤

Tahir Abdullahi

Great work ERB, O lord, leed peace & mercy and the loyalty that he gave you to centigrade……….

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