For Shirley Barkell, riding in a transport truck had been an unattainable dream for many years; even climbing its way to the top of her bucket list. When Erb Transport driver, Lyoness Woodstock, caught wind of her dream, he was determined to help. 

Shirley’s daughter, seasoned musician Leslie Rohonczy, met Lyoness at a recording studio in Ottawa. When the two began discussing Lyoness’ career with Erb, Leslie knew this was her chance. “My mom is 86 years old and she has a bucket list,” she explained. “For years she has wanted to go for a drive in a transport truck. Is there any way you can make this happen?” Lyoness quickly received approval from Erb Transport to invite Shirley and her family out for a ride along. Before she knew it, Shirley was sitting in the passenger seat of an Erb truck, ready for her longstanding dream to become a reality.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Shirley had received a card from Leslie implying that she would soon be fulfilling her dream of riding in a transport truck. Shaken and stuttering for words, Shirley couldn’t believe that at 86, she finally had this opportunity. “She was a very, very sweet little lady,” said Lyoness as he thought about the look on Shirley’s face. Not only did Lyoness let her drive the truck, but Shirley also got to complete a full circle check; a true trucking experience.   

Shirley, Leslie and Lyoness went for a 70-km drive into the city and back again. He let her blow the air horn, and her smile said it all. She was over the moon. “I wish we could have done more for her” said Lyoness, who was delighted to help the “86-year-young lady” cross an item off her bucket list. 

“I know I won’t forget this for a long time,” says Shirley as she reflects on an eventful day; content and blissfully aware that she has finally checked off her number one bucket list item.


Watch Shirley’s journey:


Video filmed by Shirley’s daughter, Leslie Barkell Rohonczy


Shirley Barkell

Thank you so much ERB and especially Lyoness Woodstock for making my Bucket List Dream come true. I loved the idea of sitting up high and be able to see all around – being the short person I am, I was not able to see all around at any time. ERB made this happen along with Lyoness and my daughter Leslie. It is a Mother’s Day I will never forget.

Phyllis Woodstock

Congratulations Shirley. You have accomplished your dream.
Thank you Leslie for making this happen & thank you for sharing.
Thanks to ERB Transport & Lyoness for their generosity.

Helena Robinson

It’s wonderful to see such an act of kindness by Lyoness Woodstock!! Erb Transport should be proud of their employees and their continued contribution to this wonderful community of ours. Great story!!

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