Jul 3 2019

· 2 min

As we enter the summer, higher temperatures pose a greater risk to food safety and quality during transportation. However, at Erb transport, we have policies and procedures in place to protect your shipments from point of pick-up to consignee.

Erb Transport is a food safety certified carrier which meets International Food Safety Act requirements, as well as Canadian and USA homeland security requirements.  All of our employees are trained in food safety handling; they are trained to monitor temperature and quality throughout the supply chain in order to maintain the quality of our shippers’ freight. Currently, Erb Transport is using a Reefer Telematics System or Smart Reefers in the majority of our trailer fleet. These devices offer real-time temperature monitoring features, allowing us to ensure and confirm a safe and successful temperature-controlled shipment.

What makes Erb Transport a leader in refrigerated transportation is its strong safety program, TFSP (Trucking Food Safety Program). The three key components of this program are: product temperature control, regularly scheduled equipment sanitation and annual food safety training for all employees. In order to make sure the program is working effectively, we conduct internal audits of these controls on top of third-party international audits by SAI Global. The purpose of these audits is to verify compliance and due diligence to maintain our certification and dedication to our food safety program.

“Not all food carriers have these programs in place,” says Jamie Sullivan, Corporate Security and Food Safety Manager at Erb Transport. “Erb takes its food safety program very seriously as it invests significantly in the protection of food safety and quality. Know that when you ship with Erb Transport, we have taken every precaution to maintain the quality of your shipment as we bring food to your family’s table. If you use carriers that do not have these programs in place, I highly recommend you audit them and their facilities. As a shipper, you have the responsibility to your customer to audit your carriers for food safety compliance.”

Without the proper certification and quality assurance, there could be food safety and/or quality issues that do not meet shipper requirements.

For more information on Erb Transport’s certifications, click here.