Erb Gives Back This Holiday Season


Dec 13 2017

· 2 min
Erb Gives Back This Holiday Season

The Wilmot and Wellesley community have been instrumental in ensuring the success of Erb Transport throughout the years. Whether it is attending our company barbecues and showing support, or hiring our services for various jobs, our community plays a crucial role in our success.  Everyone here at Erb Transport understands that we have the resources and the platform to give back to this community, and we take advantage of every opportunity to do so! Especially during the Christmas season, Erb employees make it a priority to give back to our community, which unsurprisingly, feels more like a family.


This year, Erb Transport employees are collecting food and gift donations on behalf of the Wilmot Family Resource Centre. Erb has been involved in fundraising efforts for the Resource Centre in the past, as we truly believe in the work they do! The Wilmot Family Resource Centre is a “leading provider of social support services to low-income and food-insecure families and individuals in Wilmot and Wellesley Townships”. Their efforts immeasurably help families and children in our community.
Patty Hobbs, a long time Erb employee, selflessly volunteers to organize and supervise Erb’s year-round fundraising efforts. Today, I found Patty collecting donations around the office. She understands the value of our fundraising efforts and enjoys her work with our Erb employees, stating that “fundraising and donating to Food Banks are both very important, especially at this time of year. The employees at Erb have been VERY generous over the years in both of these occasions. They are always up for the task and come through with tremendous support”.


Recently, Erb hosted a small ice-skating event, and admission was one canned food item or toy. Many employees participated, and it was a great way to generate donations. In late October into early November, we asked employees to donate any gently used winter coats and boots, all of which went straight to Salvation Army. Thank you to all employees who have donated!


This list only covers the head office area! We have a network of Erb Terminals across Canada and the U.S. who organize their own donations to their local charities. We are so thankful to employ such generous and willing employees. With a company as large as Erb Transport, comes a lot of responsibility. We feel that charitable giving is one of our many responsibilities, and will continue to fundraise and give to these selfless organizations for as long as we’re in business.