Nov 20 2019

· 2 min

At Erb Transport, we take pride in being more than just a company. In 1959, Erb was founded as a family business. 60 years later, despite our growth and successes, we still remain a family business. On Saturday, November 16, we celebrated our annual Erb Excellence Night, a night where employees across the country get together to recognize their milestones and reflect on their professional journey at Erb Transport.


Erb Excellence Night across the Country

As usual, we try to coordinate consistent events across all terminals. However, although part of the Erb family, each terminal has their own unique culture. Therefore, they have the freedom to personalize their event based on their preferences. For example, our North Bay terminal organized a fun bowling night; while Baden chose to have a banquet dinner and a live band. Nonetheless, all events featured an executive’s speech, recognition awards, door prizes and lots of memories and laughter.


Fostering a healthy workplace

Although we believe that every day should be employee appreciation day, this annual event has always been meaningful to us. It is a chance for us to show our people how grateful we are for them, and what a big role that they play in our achievements. We want to promote a friendly and healthy work environment, as well as reward our employees for a year of hard work. Furthermore, it is also an occasion for employees to socialize and connect outside of work, unwind, catch up and enhance their relationships.

As a family business, we always encourage our staff to bring their spouse or significant other to company events so they can enjoy the experience to the fullest; whether it is our annual barbecues or Erb Excellence Night. After all, how can you celebrate your accomplishments without people who you care about the most?


Erb Transport – more than a company

“This is the first Excellence Night I’ve ever been to,” says Adrienne Elliott. “I was always told that Erb is like a community of its own, but I didn’t fully understand that until now. The executives were present at the event and they took the time to meet with everyone. Our founder, Vernon, attended the one in Baden and gave such a heartfelt speech. In that moment, everyone in the room felt like they truly belong in this company.”

We have been blessed with the continuous support from our workforce. Each one of our employees, from Baden to Winnipeg, from Montreal to Thunder Bay, has been integral in every aspect of our operation. Because of that, they are appreciated and valued. At Erb Transport, we go out of our way to ensure our employees are happy to go to work. At Erb Transport, we are more than just a company.