Nov 14 2018

· 2 min

Saturday, November 10, was the highly anticipated, thoroughly enjoyed, and fifth annual Erb Excellence Night. This event is a night for all Erb employees to come together and not only celebrate their accomplishments through the award ceremony, but to relax, mingle outside the workplace, and destress. The 2018 event exceeded previous attendance records at most, if not all, terminals.

Erb Excellence Night truly is a night to celebrate together. As we know, Erb Transport has terminals located all across Canada. Having such an expansive company, it can be challenging to organize special events that all employees can participate in. This is why Erb Excellence Night is executed at every terminal in an attempt to include all employees.

Each terminal has the freedom to create their own personalized event based on what works for them and their workplace culture. Our smaller terminal in North Bay, for example, went bowling. Other terminals organized a murder mystery dinner, and New Hamburg organized a live band and DJ. Giving each terminal the opportunity to organize their own entertainment increases the likelihood of a successful evening, as each terminal coordinator knows what will best engage their employees.

Our largest event for our Baden Terminal, Head Office, K-DAC, and Highland Rd., was held at Lot 42 in Kitchener, ON. Guests walked into an amazing dinner, enough twinkle lights to fill the sky, and door prizes galore. The event space was decorated with antique trucks surrounding the room and hand-crafted centrepieces on each table.

Although Erb Excellence Night is a corporate event, and we celebrate various achievements and milestones throughout the night, the primary reasoning behind the event is to encourage each other and promote a healthy, positive, and rewarding work environment. We believe that our employees deserve this night more and more each year. We are glad to be an organization with the resources and opportunity to create a night to celebrate and reward our employees.