Employee Appreciation: Erb Excellence Day 2017


Nov 23 2017

· 2 min
Employee Appreciation: Erb Excellence Day 2017

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, Erb Transport hosted its fourth annual Erb Excellence Day celebration!


Erb Excellence Day was introduced in 2013 as an opportunity to appreciate our employees and create a positive and rewarding work environment. It is celebrated at eight different locations on the same night across our terminal network. Our employees look forward to this evening throughout the year. Erb Excellence day is also a great way to strengthen our family and community-oriented workplace culture, helping our employees grow close to each other and form meaningful friendships.


As the main purpose of Erb Excellence Day is to appreciate our employees, we put a strong emphasis on our awards ceremony. We award our employees for safe driving, years of service, safe working, retirements, and more! Our employees put in all of their effort each day to ensure this company runs smoothly; it’s only fair that we reciprocate that effort! Giving our employees a fun, upbeat, and positive atmosphere also helps reduce stress and create a better environment when going back to work.


The evening also includes door prizes, dinner, and entertainment! This year, our local Erb Excellence Day was hosted at the Waterloo Regional Police Association and Recreation Centre in Cambridge. We also hired a magician for our entertainment, and it was a hit! Although it was slightly terrifying to watch him preform his stunts, it was definitely magical! Other terminals hired magicians, some had comedians, and others had musical acts! Either way, the entertainment for the night is always a success.


An Erb Excellence Day favorite is always Vernon Erb’s speech on the history of this company. It’s always fascinating to hear from the man who started it all! Erb Transport began as a one man operation in 1959 (that’s almost 60 years ago!) and is still one of the most respected businesses in the industry. He also made sure to mention and thank his wife, Viola, who pushed him to follow his dream and made all of this possible.


We are so grateful to have some of the best employees in the business working for us here at Erb. All of our employees contribute to make this company what it is today, and ensure our operations are meeting the highest standards possible! We are thankful for our employees and all that they do for us, and are grateful we have this event to celebrate with them.