Customer Service at Erb


May 9 2018

· 2 min
Customer Service at Erb

Erb Transport, like most organizations, is comprised of many departments that all play a crucial role in our success. The Customer Service department, specifically, may be one of the most misinterpreted departments of all. All external company issues, comments, or questions start at the Customer Service department. This team makes sure everything is looked after, and with a company as large as Erb, that can be a daunting task!


I interviewed Sheila Kirtz, the Customer Service manager, who began her career at Erb over 25 years ago. When Sheila started at Erb, there simply was no Customer Service department! Throughout the years, Sheila has acquired a team of capable, experienced Customer Service leaders to help with the many tasks they face. As the team has grown, the demand has grown even faster! Customer Service is not as easy or as simple as many people think. Sheila explained that this department receives roughly 1,500 emails per day and 300 phone calls. When I interviewed Sheila, she had spent the previous day responding to over 1,550 emails, along with other daily tasks and projects. Like any department, Customer Service has many daily responsibilities and duties they must perform, but unlike most departments, this is added onto the almost 2000 phone and email inquiries they receive!  Erb is so lucky to have some of the best Customer Service experts in the business!


Sheila also explained that the Customer Service department located in Baden, ON works collaboratively with the Customer Service department in Toronto, ON. The Toronto department organizes approximately 250 delivery appointments per day, along with planning, scheduling, and other activities. They work just as hard and as tirelessly as Baden! When asked about their collaboration, Sheila said that this department “is only as successful as we are as a team”.


Sheila explained that although this department is in high demand, she could not be more proud of her team. She told me that they have created a positive, encouraging work atmosphere where all members of the team feel valued and important. She also explained that Erb’s family spirited culture creates a very positive work environment. Along with the employees, a system called Emailtopia is a massive help to Sheila and this department. Emailtopia stores and distributes all incoming emails to the appropriate employees, taking pressure off of the team. Erb provides the Customer Service department with the technology and man-power to create a functioning, positive department!


Sheila explained that although this department can be demanding, it is also rewarding. The flexibility, opportunity, and variety are the main reasons Sheila loves working at Erb. With over 25 years under her belt, she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. The Customer Service department here at Erb is the best it can be, thanks to our expert employees and their commitment to this company. When you call into Erb with a question or concern, you’re in the right hands!