Dec 11 2019

· 2 min

Christmas is approaching in a few weeks and if you’re stuck on gift ideas, we got you covered! We have compiled a list of best Christmas presents for people in the trucking industry. Whether your loved one is a long-haul driver, shunt driver, or dock worker, they will be sure to appreciate these items.

1.    Heated gear

Our Canadian winter can be quite harsh if you’re constantly working outside. For drivers whose job requires being outside to load and unload trailers, heat gear can be highly beneficial. Heated gear includes heated jackets, vests or gloves. These clothing items allow users to adjust the temperature with a button. They were made to withstand sub-zero conditions. Basically, you will be wearing a personal heater that warms up your core body areas. This will eliminate the need for bulky layers.

To shop for heated gear, check out Milwaukee.


2.    An EpicVue package

EpicVue is an in-vehicle satellite package that allows drivers to watch more than 100 entertainment channels, anywhere. The package includes an EpicVue satellite dome, a DIRECTV receiver, a 24’’ flat screen TV, mounting and cabling equipment and a local area antenna.

During a truck driver’s day-to-day operation, they must wait for hours at a time at a terminal and it is a significant part of their job. Now, the waiting game is over. This service is becoming more and more popular among the industry and it would make the perfect gift to your favourite driver.


3.    A shower kit

Pamper your loved one with a fully stocked shower kit including all essential products like shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc. This would be ideal for a driver whose home is in the cab of their truck. Even for non-drivers, this present is also very thoughtful.

For the Erb lover in your life, get them the Erb Toiletry Bag for your shower kit.

erb toiletry bag

4.    Power bank

Always being on the road means that sometimes your device will run out of battery. A power bank will help them charge their phones/tablets even when there is no outlet. It’s the perfect way of saying you care about them and you want to stay connected.


5.    Spirit wear

Get your family matching this holiday season by sporting stylish Erb Gear. Nothing says “trucking pride” like wearing your company’s colours and representing the industry that helps better Canadian lives every single day. Visit our website for more details.

What presents would you like to receive this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.