Be Successful Through Change


Oct 5 2017

· 2 min
Be Successful Through Change

As a company, Erb Transport recognizes the importance and significance of being successful through change. If you’ve ever read our book, “Cool Moves”, then you may have heard this once or twice. In fact, our book has an entire chapter dedicated to being successful through change. As a company that’s over 50 years old, rooted in one of Canada’s oldest industries, we’ve had to make significant changes throughout the years to stay current and modern. Keeping up with the latest iPhone is hard enough, so keeping up with the latest and most effective transportation software can definitely present some challenges.


Our secret to being successful through change is understanding that we are going to have our fair share of trial and error. Now, as we’ve been operating for so long, we have more resources and research to greatly ensure our change will be beneficial and positive. We also have to understand that if there’s a change we can’t control, what we can control is how we react to it.


There are constant internal changes and ongoing projects taking place. Externally, we are always upgrading our services and making changes to be more effective than we were yesterday. We, as a company, are aware that not all changes will be easy. We understand that some will exceed expectation, and some will falter. The most important thing for us to remember is to not let our failures stop us from attempting successful change.


In 1982, the refrigerated transportation regulations changed completely. These new changes were hard to keep up with, and landed Erb, along with other trucking companies, in some trouble. Being successful through change doesn’t only mean the change we get to control. The regulation changes in the transportation industry were something that we could not see coming. It was out of our hands! The best thing to do is to move forward and learn from every new experience!