Balancing Change and Tradition as an Industry


Aug 24 2017

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Balancing Change and Tradition as an Industry

The transportation industry is one of the longest running industries to date. Erb Transport, for example, was founded by Vernon Erb over 50 years ago, and the industry as a whole began long before that. Due to the longstanding status of this industry, we are always striving to stay current and progressive, while simultaneously maintaining our original goals and values. Integrating innovation into a traditional industry can immediately pose a challenge, and is a balancing act we are now getting used to. Whether this change stems from technology, policies, or the industry as a whole, it’s important to remember the roots of the trucking industry and stay focused on our mission, vision, and purpose.

The change that this industry has witnessed and been a part of over recent years has been astronomical. As an industry we have progressed, downsized, upsized, and had a fair amount of trial-and-error. Although change may be difficult, it’s crucial to remember that without it, we would never move forward. We focus on keeping our goals, but without change, we may never reach them.

It is possible to change, move forward, and make advances while still keeping our roots. Erb Transport, for example, has grown and changed in both internal and external aspects over the years. Throughout all of this change and movement, we have maintained our values, promises, and commitments to our employees and customers. We recognize the importance of maintaining a strong and positive work environment, and ensure our customers are always provided excellent service. Although our technology and policies are subject to change, our commitment and loyalty to this industry and all those who are part of it will stay the same.