Sep 12 2018

· 2 min

As a trucking company, Erb Transport highly prioritizes safety on the roads. We know that driving alongside large vehicles such as transport trucks can be intimidating, but it becomes much easier when you know the rules and tips. Similar to a transport truck, a school bus needs more room to travel safely than your average car. This September, and for the rest of the school year, we challenge you to treat school buses as you would a transport truck.

As we all know, last week was the first week of back to school. As everyone is getting settled into their new or returning roles, we thought it would act as a good reminder to share a few tips regarding road safety.


  • If the road does not have a median, vehicles coming from both directions must come to a complete stop when the bus has a stop sign out
  • Give yourself roughly 20 meters when stopping in front of or behind a bus.
  • The fine for failing to stop for the bus can range from $400.00 – $4000.00 and six demerit points.

Just as a truck has blind spots, so does a school bus. On either side of the vehicle, and directly behind, it can be difficult for the driver to see. Even with extra precautions or mirror accessories, it’s nearly impossible to see every aspect of the surrounding vehicle. Additionally, both trucks and school buses require more room to come to a sudden and complete stop than smaller vehicles. At all times, try and keep a significant distance between you and the bus at any angle. This will always prove to be beneficial in case of an accident.

While driving through school zones, it is critical that you obey every rule. Reduce your speed, obey the crossing guard, and remember that kids don’t always look before crossing the road. Remember these tips and ensure everyone has a great and safe back to school season.