Revving Up for Mechanic Month

This month at The Erb Group, we are dedicating time to showing appreciation for our mechanics and all the hard work they do for our company. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some mechanics from a few different terminals to showcase their job and how much we rely on them. Being a mechanic can be a very rewarding career path, and being with The Erb Group especially means being part of a team and company that supports your growth and development within the trade itself. A day in the life of a mechanic can vary by not only the terminal they work out of but the jobs they do as well. We spoke to a few mechanics from different terminals to gain more insight into the part they play and the similarities and differences they might share across our company. From the Mechanics we spoke to, Garry, Cole and Tim all mentioned that their days are constantly different, and they love the variety of the jobs they get to do. Some jobs are seen more frequently than others, of course. However, you might get a job that you won’t see again for six months to a year, says Tim. Across the board, it’s agreed that one of the challenges with the job can be keeping up with the ever-changing technology in the industry. Staying up to date on advancements can be difficult but also rewarding since you’re constantly learning on the job. Garry Dyke, from our Toronto Terminal, says that the best part about working for The Erb Group is that he feels like it’s a relaxed atmosphere. There’s no hovering, and he feels trusted to make his own decisions as a mechanic. From our Baden Terminal, mechanics Cole Fenton and Tim Birley love their jobs and The Erb Group as a company for other reasons as well. Cole says The Erb Group has amazing equipment, and he can see that we care for our employees. One of the ways in which we offer support is by providing access to more training, he states. Tim also says that knowing you’re actually helping to provide food on family’s tables, being part of the teamwork and outcome is a very rewarding experience. On that note, Garry recommends working for The Erb Group because, on top of getting to fix things (which he loves), you also get paid well. You get paid to learn, and jobs are guaranteed when you’re done your schooling, he says. What could be better than that? “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” Our mechanics are some of the best in the business, and if you like a little variety in your day-to-day job life, from electrical to brakes to everything in between, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty - getting into this trade could be the right career path for you. Looking to make a cool move and revv up your career? Reach out to our recruiters today to find out more about getting started at The Erb Group as a mechanic. 1-800-461-5299
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