A Night to Remember: Erb Excellence Night 2023


Mar 27 2023

· 2 min
A Night to Remember: Erb Excellence Night 2023

On Saturday, March 25th, our long-awaited seventh annual Erb Excellence Night was held across our entire terminal network. This was a momentous occasion, as this celebration has not been held since 2019 because of the Covid-19 pandemic the past three years. Even though we have made the best of celebrating where we could during that time, Erb Excellence has been a highly anticipated event, marking a time when we can all come together again.

Erb Excellence Night is a night to bring all our employees and executives together to celebrate our accomplishments and milestones simultaneously. What made this Erb Excellence Night unique was that we were able to celebrate this past year’s employee milestones and all employee milestones from the past three years, including retirees, who were all honoured at each of their respective terminals. On top of celebrating our successes together, it’s also a time to sit back, relax, mingle, and have a good time with everyone. It’s been so long since the last Erb Excellence Night that it was incredibly special to see everyone’s faces in person finally.

There’s always a variety of entertainment and food across the terminals. Every terminal had something different, from DJs to hypnotists, buffets, desserts, and various venues. But no matter what it was, everyone was having fun all night. Being amongst coworkers and friends meant laughter was shared, and spirits were high as the night went on. On top of celebrating employee milestones, safe driving awards, and our retirees, there were door prizes, music, and activities for everyone to look forward to and enjoy.

Even though Erb Excellence Night has been an annual event, this year was especially special to us as a company because we could come together and lift everyone’s spirits after a couple of challenging years and not being able to recognize our employees in the ways we normally do. Nights like these promote a healthy and positive work culture, and we are truly grateful to do this for our incredible team!