The start of a new year is here and we are excited to begin working on another cool year. All around people and companies are busy beginning to tackle their goals for the year. When it comes to the transportation industry, planning is essential for successful daily operations. From planning routes, shipments, temperatures and hours of service, planning is integral to our success. Here are 5 tips to help you plan your personal and professional goals this year.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Don’t set goals that are unattainable, be realistic with yourself. By setting goals that are realistic, you help yourself to stay motivated and reduce your chances of quitting.

  1. Determine Your Steps

Break your goal down into steps. Take some time to sit down and write everything necessary to accomplish your goal. By determining the steps involved in achieving your goal you will create a plan of action for yourself.

  1. Keep Them Visible

Write your goals down and post them somewhere you will see them daily. Setting up these visible reminders for yourself will keep you on track and feeling inspired.

  1. Set A Timeline

Nobody likes due dates, but they are necessary to keep us accountable. Set due dates for each step along the way as well as a final deadline. This will keep you moving along at pace and ensure you don’t stay stuck on the same goal for too long.

  1. Reward Yourself

Celebrate each milestone!  Once you have accomplished a goal make sure to give yourself a reward. Make sure to put some thought into what this reward should be, after all it’s meant to give you an extra incentive to stay on track.


No matter how big or small your goals are this year; take some time to do some planning. The sooner you get these plans made the closer you’ll be obtaining your goal! Leave a comment sharing one of your tips to planning your goals or a goal you have set for yourself this year!

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