Jan 2 2019

· 2 min

The beginning of a new year can be a symbolic time, acting as a milestone, a new chapter, or even a completely fresh start. This New Year is an exceptionally significant milestone for everyone here at Erb Transport, as we proudly step into 2019 by celebrating our 60th corporate anniversary.

A corporate anniversary symbolizes many different things. It symbolizes commitment, accomplishment, growth, balance, and gratitude. The behind-the-scenes work that is necessary to maintain a successful company for 60 years is unmatched, and as they say, it does take a village.

In the 1950’s, Vernon Erb, our founder, had begun to actively pursue his dream of being a truck driver by following every job and opportunity possible. In 1959, Vernon’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture out and create his own company, now known as Erb Transport.  This anniversary milestone not only reminds us of our past, but propels us forward and shows us glimpses of a bright future. The longevity of a business can be its greatest testament.

Let’s take a look back into the past 60 years…

  • Erb Transport actually originated as Vernon Erb Trucking
  • Vernon left school at only 13 years old to help on his family’s farm in the late 1940’s.
  • One of Vernon’s early jobs paid just $4.00 an hour. As the relentless and motivated man that he is, Vernon took the job, as “$4.00 an hour is better than nothing”
  • Vernon and Viola split the workload during the early years. Viola served as the business manager while Vernon was on the road; there was minimal separation between home and work as they actively invested their lives into the company.
  • The 1970’s saw growth and opportunity like never before, and are now referred to as the breakthrough years. It consisted of new technology, new partnerships, new drivers and equipment, new office staff, etc.

Through the many changes Erb Transport has faced, and will continue to face, our values and business ethics have always remained the same. Without the help of our customers, employees, drivers, partners, and every other individual stakeholder that we have connected with, we would not be where we are today. Thank you to everyone who has played any role, no matter how seemingly small, in our success. Happy New Year; we can’t wait to celebrate this milestone together.


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