2018 SmartWay High Performers Award


Aug 22 2018

· 2 min
2018 SmartWay High Performers Award

The Erb Group of Companies has officially been named one of the 2018 SmartWay High Performers by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This title is awarded to trucking companies who go above and beyond in meeting and overcoming the challenges of sustainable goods movement. Among the hundreds of companies who partner with the EPA, the selected recipients of the award have achieved “significant shipping and freight efficiencies that merit special attention”. The EPA reviews the annual emissions reports for all partners, and winners are then selected based on specific criteria that sets them apart from others.

The Erb Group has always prioritized environmentally-friendly initiatives and constantly monitors behaviors within the company to ensure it is operating at a sustainable and healthy level. The environmental initiatives we currently have in place span from our trucks to our highest level of operations. Having an advanced and modern fleet means that we can limit the level of emissions we produce per truck, and adhere to all new regulations and rules.

We have taken additional steps to ensure that many of our trucks are environmentally safe. Many of our trucks have running trails, side skirts, and rolling resistant tires. All of these aspects make the truck healthier for the environment and minimize emissions and fuel production. Additionally, we have invested in auxiliary power units that are battery powered; saving both fuel and energy. We also use automatic transmissions with controlled shift patterns to reduce engine revving.

Through our pro-drive program, we are constantly monitoring the idling times of each individual truck in an attempt to minimize the frequency of idling. Drivers who have low idling times are even rewarded for their conscientious behaviour.

The Erb Group of companies is honored to win this award and be named one of the 2018 SmartWay High Performers by the EPA. We will strive to live up to this title and continue our environmental initiatives.