Trucking in a Small Town: North Bay


Juil 18 2018

· 2 min
Trucking in a Small Town: North Bay

Erb Transport is a company with over 1,500 employees and ten terminals spread across Canada and the US. One of our small terminals is located in the community of North Bay, employing roughly just 60 people, with Randy Cameron as the terminal manager.

Randy has worked at Erb since 1989; almost 30 years! He started his career with us as a truck driver, eventually switching to payroll, dispatch, sales, and assistant terminal manager before finally attaining his current position as terminal manager. Randy explains that there are many benefits to trucking in such a small town, and offers a lot of insight into this industry.

One benefit of operating such a small terminal is the familiarity and comfort among employees, managers, and even customers. These positive feelings create a positive work environment, and help the terminal operate as a team. This family spirited culture reduces stress and ensures that all employees can count on each other and feel comfortable enough to ask for help.

Although the North Bay terminal is small, they are far from idle. Randy explained that one of the most appreciated aspects of this terminal is the variety that our employees have. Drivers can be assigned different runs throughout the week, and are often pleased with the variation. Due to the small terminal size, the majority of managerial staff is familiar with the different runs and positions. Employees feel appreciated and recognized, as they often have a close relationship with management. 

Operating in North Bay means delivering to many rural cities nearby, which generates an opportunity to create close relationships with our customers. Erb has many customers who have used our services for decades. Maintaining a relationship with them and ensuring they feel listened to is one of our main priorities.

Randy explains that operating a trucking company in a small town has many great benefits, including the reliability that you feel from the community. Many Erb customers have been recommended to us by other local businesses in North Bay, and we return the favour to them as often as we can.  Erb Transport is an organization with family and community values, and we are so thankful to be able to share these values with our local communities. Keep on trucking, North Bay!

Interested in a role at our North Bay terminal? Please reach out to our Recruitment team at to learn more about positions available.