Oct 17 2018

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We were so privileged to be invited to the Top Fleet Employers Awards Gala on October 11, 2018, in Toronto, ON. The Top Fleet Employers Award was created by Trucking HR Canada, and recognizes companies within the trucking and logistics industry who go above and beyond in practicing effective HR initiatives and policies. The Erb Group has won this award for five consecutive years, which gives us the honour of being named a Top Fleet Employer with Distinction.

A seamlessly executed event, the awards gala combined both networking and employee appreciation opportunities for all. Fifty-two trucking and logistics companies were chosen to be honoured in this program, all of which demonstrate a “commitment to strong human resources approaches” and are commended for “their leadership in showcasing the trucking and logistics industry as a great place to work”. The purpose of the event is to provide a fun, competitive-spirited evening and identify companies who have won additional awards based on a variety of criterions.

The Erb Group’s HR team exudes enthusiasm and innovation, and breathes new life into all of our traditional practices. We spearhead teamwork and provide an open and transparent atmosphere for our employees. Our HR team strives to maintain a diverse workforce, a competitive wage package, employee engagement opportunities throughout the year, and more.


Understanding the influence that proper, effective HR policies can have on a workplace environment is crucial for the organization and the employees to thrive. We are thankful for our HR team here at Erb, and for Trucking HR Canada for encouraging these policies and positive workplace cultures through various programs and initiatives. The Top Fleet Employers Awards Gala was a privilege to attend, and provided a great experience and opportunity for all involved companies.