The Unique Benefits of the Transportation Industry


Juin 29 2017

· 2 min
The Unique Benefits of the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is one of the oldest, yet most sustainable, industries in Canada. Commercial transportation is not only necessary for individual businesses, but for the economy as a whole! This week, we’ve narrowed down some unique benefits of working in this industry, and maybe even for a company similar to Erb (or for Erb itself, but it’s up to you. But if I were you, I’d probably work for Erb).

Our Benefits:

1. You will experience Canada in an extraordinary way. Whether you’re driving through the Rocky Mountains or passing crystal clear waters, exploring Canada’s landscape is guaranteed to blow you away. Becoming a truck driver for a company such as Erb means experiencing this great country, and getting paid to do it! Our drivers are always sending us beautiful photos of the places they go and the things they see. Nothing beats the view out of a truck driver’s front window.

2. The positive atmosphere. Here at Erb, we understand that truck driving can involve some alone time. This is why we create a family oriented atmosphere, to help our drivers stay connected and feel like part of a family while they’re on the road! We think of ourselves as a large company with a small company feel. All of our employees are recognized for their hard work! Maintaining a positive and safe working environment is one of our main objectives, and is something we highly prioritize!

3. You’re walking into a career in one of the most sustainable industries in Canada. The transportation industry is one of Canada’s most important industries, which is why our employees always feel so secure. At a company like Erb, there are always new opportunities to grow and expand internally. Many of our employees here at Erb have been with the company for over a decade! This field offers you a lifelong career with great benefits, job security, and much more.

The truck driving industry offers so much more than most people realize. Beginning your career in such a rewarding field is one decision you will not regret.