How this Erb driver went from construction to driving trucks

Edwin Lopez didn’t always aspire to be a driver. He originally started his career at a car dealership in Kitchener after graduating high school. Thereafter, he heard the news that he had a son on the way! He wanted to move forward into a new career opportunity, which led him to construction. Edwin worked in construction for three seasons, but it didn’t offer him a consistent income year-round. A family member encouraged him to apply for a job at The Erb Group of Companies in 2019. We sat down with Edwin to hear more about his role at Erb. Edwin said, “When I started at Erb, I got a letter from Wendell and his dad, Vernon. The letter said, although our company is large, our door is always open for you. On my first day, they introduced me to Wendell, and he offered his appreciation for me coming on board. This really meant a lot to me as I really value family and how Erb is a Canadian owned company.” A day in the life Edwin began his role at Erb as a Straight Local Driver based at the Baden terminal. In January 2022, he will reach his two-year milestone with the company. A typical day for him starts off with some paperwork at the office and saying hi to the team. He explains, “Saying hi to the dock guys is really important. We work so closely with them, and it's good practice to be friendly to co-workers.” Afterwards, he moves to a safety inspection on his truck, logging into the satellite and a bit more paperwork. Of course, before hitting the road, he stops by Tim Horton’s for his typical order. Edwin continues to share, “Being a Straight Local Driver means I always get to come home every night, so I never have to sleep in the truck. The furthest I travel to is Windsor.” Proud to be on board After completing his first year of service at Erb, Edwin was presented a plaque to highlight his hard work and dedication to the company. He tips his hat to a senior driver named Stu, a veteran driver at Erb. “He’s always happy, and you never see him frustrated. Everyone shows him nothing but respect.” Career development and personal growth are held to a high regard at Erb. In the nearly two years as a driver, he gained a better understanding of the trucking world. “This job made me a better person through responsibilities and hard work. At the end of the day, it feels good. I have this one bid run to a bakery, where I go every Wednesday, and store owner always shares a coffee and lunch with me. It truly makes my day, and I’m always happy to see her.” But the job does come with its challenges. Truck drivers’ patience can be tested quite frequently. A characteristic Edwin highlighted that he is learning to work on more. “I’m still facing it now. I aim to get all the freight taken off but sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Lineups at the pickups or grocery stores and sometimes you can’t work around it. So, I’ve learned to be patient more.” Using Erb benefits “I’ve also been using massage and physio benefits frequently. Feels good to say we have access to 20 massages a year!”

Edwin has continued to utilize the employee benefits package by using his work boot allowance and contributing to a TFSA and RRSP. Edwin is also a walking Erb ambassador. He is always decked out in Erb clothing.

Next cool move If you are looking into the trucking industry, Edwin says “It’s ideal for someone who is mature, outgoing, respectful, family- orientated, hardworking, and always looking at the bright side. At the end of the day, we are doing this for our family. The money is good, but it can equally be very hard at times. This job helps you move forward in life and opens you to new opportunities. I have been able to save and start house hunting in 2022. Erb helped me make this a reality.” Want to drive for Erb? Check out our active job listings here.
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