Déc 12 2018

· 2 min

Have you ever considered becoming a truck driver? Have you ever visualized what you want in a career, and had it align with the trucking industry? If the answer is yes, then apply to Erb today. If the answer is no, we might be able to change your mind. Trucking may not be at the forefront of your roster for potential jobs, but with a little knowledge and information, you might be surprised at how quickly you reconsider.

A few signs that trucking is the right career for you:

  1. You’re hard working
  • You enjoy a job that requires you to work hard and see real results. A career in trucking rewards your hard work by offering you freedom in your daily job, and the opportunity to become a valued, appreciated, and reliable employee.
  1. You like to travel
  • From the Rocky Mountains to the Empire State building, our drivers have seen it all. There is no view comparable to the view out of a truck driver’s front window (especially long-haul). Many of our drivers even bring fishing rods or cameras on their travels in order to enjoy their breaks and destinations.
  1. You want a stable job with good pay
  • The trucking industry, though often unknowingly, is one of the most fundamental aspects of society to date. Plus, truck drivers are in high demand right now, which adds even more security to your future position. In a constantly changing and growing society, choosing a stable and reliable industry will prove to be the right decision.
  1. You want to make a genuine difference in society
  • Truck drivers deliver some of the most precious and imperative freight in the world. They can transport everything from food, to water, medical supplies, money, gas, and more. Specifically, here at Erb, transporting food can feel like a fairly simple job until you realize what would happen to society without it.

If your skills, or wants, align with any of these descriptions, consider a career in trucking today. Once you come here, you feel like family!