Misconceptions About the Truck Driving Industry


Oct 12 2017

· 2 min
Misconceptions About the Truck Driving Industry

There are a lot of common misconceptions about the trucking industry that we need to clear up!


  1. The trucking industry is an all-male-industry. Its 2017, people! It’s time to shake off this myth once and for all. Yes, commercial truck drivers are primarily male. Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be! At Erb, we are always trying to recruit female drivers, which proves to be a challenge due to this stigma! It’s time to make people realize that the trucking industry does not care which gender you are! If you’re a dedicated, motivated, and hard working human being, then trucking is the right job for you! The only requirements we have for our employees are two feet and a heartbeat.
  2. Trucking is old fashioned. Just because trucking is one of the longest standing industries to date, does not mean that it is “old fashioned” or “behind the times”. In fact, we are constantly making it a priority to stay current and up to date! Of course we recognize how important it is to stay current and innovative, how else do you think we’ve lasted over 50 years as a company? By using the same practices and technology as we did in 1959? No way! We know that it’s important to stay true to our original roots, but it’s also important to make way for new changes and new expansions.
  3. The industry is not secure. As you can probably guess from reading the last two myths, this one is also FALSE! This industry is needed by organizations and businesses alike! For many of these businesses, transporting their products is an essential part of their operations. Without companies like Erb Transport, other organizations would not be able to function as well as they do today. Trucking is an essential part of the operations of organizations, and subsequently, an essential part of our economy!


As you can see, the three most common misconceptions of this industry are just that; misconceptions. Trucking is one of the most diverse, innovative, and secure industries you could be a part of! Erb Transport is proud to employ people with brilliant qualities, who were able to see past these myths and give truck driving a chance! Now that we’ve debunked these common myths, hopefully it will be easier for others to see past them as well!