Jeff O’Neill as Driver of The Month


Déc 6 2022

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Jeff O’Neill as Driver of The Month

Thank a Trucker Program

The Driver of the Month program is presented by Thank A Trucker Co. and hosted by NAL Insurance. It exists to help recognize, award, and give thanks to truck drivers for their essential work, which was at its peak throughout COVID-19. Beyond the pandemic, the program continues to encourage drivers and others to acknowledge the hard work drivers do to deliver essential items every day. Professional drivers can be nominated to receive recognition on social media and an award valued at up to $250. It is an excellent opportunity to highlight dedicated drivers

About Jeff

Jeff O’Neill is a US Owner Operator at The Erb Group of Companies based out of our Baden Terminal. Jeff joined The Erb Group in 2003 and has been making cool moves with our company ever since. Jeff has accumulated over 20 years of safe driving experience. He is a prime example of an employee who lives out all the core values and principles our company instills and encourages other employees to carry out the same positive attitude and integrity every day.

On and off the clock, Jeff displays outstanding professionalism and is very safety conscious. He demonstrates his passion for safety by using his driving knowledge and experience to help other drivers feel secure in the driver’s seat and with their fleet. As a result of his natural habit of going above and beyond on all occasions for a load or to help another driver, Jeff is described by his coworkers as a good team player and is often looked up to as a role model.

One of the many occurrences Jeff is recognized for going above and beyond is his generosity toward other drivers. There have been multiple instances where Jeff has handed off his passenger car to drivers who get stranded at a separate location. One of our long-haul drivers had a collision at a truck stop and needed to leave their truck in the shop overnight. Jeff immediately offered his passenger vehicle to the driver so that he could get home to his family. Since then, Jeff has been leaving his passenger vehicle with Driver Services in case someone needs that extra help again.

Additionally, over the years, Jeff has also mentored many drivers. One time Jeff helped us train an entry-level driver when we were stuck in a pinch. Typically, we don’t use owner-operators as trainers because they own their own trucks; however, Jeff took the entry-level driver under his wing and assisted by allowing her to load shadow for his first few trips to Michigan. Jeff also walked her through the border process as nerves for new drivers ramp up while entering new countries the first few times.

Jeff is an exceptional example of a safe driver and team member with The Erb Group. He deserves recognition for his hard work and natural willingness to lend a helping hand to fellow coworkers or his community. Jeff’s dedication to turning a person’s bad experience into a valuable moment or positive opportunity to look back and laugh on is a quality we are grateful to have within our organization and for others who come across his positive energy in the trucking industry. To read more about Jeff and his family’s contribution to the trucking industry, click ici.

The Erb Group of Companies is committed to investing in their employees and recognizing the demonstration of excellence among our workforce. Do you know a supERB driver who should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their job? Nominate them by clicking ici or email our marketing department at and tell us about your nominee today!

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