Inside our Montreal Shop


Mai 3 2022

· 2 min
Inside our Montreal Shop

A Shop Supervisor is responsible for the planning and overseeing equipment repairs by either The Erb Group of Companies mechanics or a third-party provider to ensure repairs are done accurately and efficiently. Denis Mercier, our Montreal Shop Supervisor has worked with The Erb Group for over 27 years and has been in his current position since 2012. He directly supervises the Montreal-based shop and yard mechanics, which can average between 7-10 employees depending on the time of year. Within his team, Denis also has the pleasure of working with his son, Pascal, following in his footsteps as a certified technician.

Experienced technicians

Our trucks come and go from our Shops across the Terminal Network. The aim is to get the trucks back on the road as safely and quickly as possible. Denis explains, “I’m truly happy here. I know all our drivers and understand how they work. It makes the job easier when you understand how our drivers’ function.”  While also working in the Shop, Denis sometimes jumps in a service truck with his tools. He will go out on the road and help with repairs such as, Electric Light issues, Air Leak Maxi problems, or a flat tire. It may not happen often, but it helps our drivers by offering 24/7 roadside assistance. The perks of roadside assistance, allows drivers to get repairs done by a mechanic that is knowledgeable about the equipment, but also gets drivers back on the road quicker.

In addition to regular repair duties, he is supporting his team members by ordering parts and supplies, conducting safety inspections and scheduling maintenance checks for The Erb Group’s Montreal Terminal equipment. Denis also looks after regularly communicating with the dispatch team regarding equipment availability.

Shop culture and environment

Denis tries to lead with a safety-first culture mindset. He frequently encourages his team to follow procedures and has created an environment where learning new things and making improvements is a constant drumbeat. The Montreal Shop currently has a co-op student on-site. “We encourage coaching, learning, and trying new things. It’s important to have conversations and learn from each other. We don’t always do the same job every day, so you must like that work environment and thrive in a problem-solving mindset.” Denis added.

Being a mechanic takes a certain type of person. “You need to be a jack of all trades. You need to be okay with working both inside the Shop and outside in the Yard. Sometimes the trucks are outdoors and frozen. We may have to take tools outside and briefly work outside in different weather conditions. It might not always be the most glamourous job, but it’s very fulfilling at the end of the day.” He continues, “Many of our mechanics thrive in this environment and enjoy a challenge.”

Interested in a technician job at The Erb Group of Companies? Technicians work out of our Baden Shop, Sandhills Shop, Montreal Shop and five other locations where we service, repair, and maintain equipment. Check out our job postings here or speak with our recruiters by emailing