Août 29 2019

· 2 min

In Canada, we are fortunate to have favourable climate conditions for robust agriculture and food production. With the farm to table process becoming something we are all becoming more familiar with we want to remind you a key player in this food chain that you may be forgetting about, the transportation industry.

“Transportation industry?” you may ask yourself at first, not realizing the importance this industry plays in meeting your daily needs to feed your families. You can visit your local grocery store and walk through aisles of both locally sourced and internationally sourced foods and beverages.

On average, a person consumes approximately 1,500 pounds of food a year. Last year, Erb Transport delivered more than 3,033,883,204 pounds of food across the country, helping thousands of Canadians fulfill their nutritional needs. This goes to show the impact of the trucking industry on people’s everyday life. It is true that “if you bought it, a truck driver brought it.” Without trucks, we would experience massive food and water crises, inevitably putting a halt to all of society’s functions and activities.

In the summertime your food can travel a few kilometers to your local farmer’s market and in the wintertime it’ll travel on average 2,500 km. The distance and time your food spends travelling is carefully regulated for the well-being of your family. Here at Erb Transport we are experts in temperature-controlled, time-sensitive food transportation.  Our warehouses are CFIA-approved allowing us to send your favourite goods to retailers with a day’s notice.

There are many integral components in the Canadian food chain, we recognize and value all the individuals who make the farm to table experience available to everyone. Thank you to our farmers for making, fresh and nutritious food available for us to enjoy with our families every day. Thank you to all the Erb employees who make it possible for us to bring food to your family’s table.