Vernon’s Barn of Erb Antiques


Nov 2 2017

· 2 min
Vernon’s Barn of Erb Antiques

As you might already know, Vernon Erb, our founder, has a minor interest in antique cars and tractors (and by minor, I mean huge and actually not minor at all). Vernon is an active member of the North East Hope Tractor Breakfast club in Baden, regularly showcasing their antique tractors to people in the community. Vernon has been collecting antiques for many years, and never misses an opportunity to take his cars out for a spin or his tractors out for a show!

Recently, we were given the chance to check out Vernon’s storage barn, where he not only stores his antique tractors and cars, but also a mass amount of Erb Transport merchandise from the time this company was first opened. Walking into this barn is like walking into Erb Transport in 1959; it’s a time machine! This barn showcases old calendars and pictures, the original logo, and old Erb merchandise and other promotional materials from the 1960’s. Hanging on the walls are photographs and awards that Erb has won; memorabilia from an entirely different time period!

In the barn, Vernon had stored about 6 antique cars and an endless amount of antique tractors and trailers! Seeing how much Erb’s tractors and trailers have changed since the 1960’s is almost unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine Erb using anything other than the trucks we have today!

Seeing the history of Erb Transport hanging on a wall is a humbling experience. Over 58 years of dedication, loyalty, and hard work have turned into what Erb Transport is today. This barn is a direct representation of how something so small, such as a two person company, can turn into something larger than life! The barn also features more modern calendars and other Erb merchandise from recent years, so comparing and seeing the differences is outstanding!

The creation and growth that Erb Transport has seen in its 58 years is something to be proud of. Walking into this barn and seeing, firsthand, just how extensive that growth has been is an absolute shock! Alongside all of this growth and expansion, Erb has stayed true to the original goals and values, making us one of the best in the business. Now, if you happen to run into Vernon in the future, don’t pass up the opportunity to chat about his antiques! It will make your day! (and his!)