What Does it Take to Thrive in this Industry?

As you may know, Erb Transport was founded in 1959 by Vernon Erb, and started out as a one-man operation. Since then, we have expanded, innovated, lead, followed, and everything in between. Maintaining a company for over 50 years is a challenge, but if you have the right mindset, like our leaders do, then it can be extremely successful and rewarding. There are countless reasons that Erb has been able to thrive for all these years, but for this post, we’ve narrowed it down to three.



  1. Our commitment to our employees

Since this company was founded, there has always been a strong emphasis on the proper and fair treatment of our employees. We understand our employees are our company’s real competitive advantage. If we create a respectful and positive work environment for them, they will in turn treat our customers with that same respect and positivity. Being transparent and flexible with our employees allows us to form strong, beneficial relationships with them, and ensure their time here is enjoyable and memorable. We recognize that our employees are the people who glue our company together, and appreciate that to the fullest.

  1. Our commitment to our customers

Reading about a business being committed to their customers seems fairly standard. That’s why at Erb, we always strive to exceed this standard, and commit to our customers on a higher level. Understanding that our customers are helping us just as we are helping them, is a level of mutual respect that we always strive to maintain. Every individual customer that Erb works with is just as important as the next. We strive for service, satisfaction, and success with all of our jobs and customers. Delivering on this promise is a goal we always strive for, and a large part of why we feel our customers are satisfied with our work.

  1. Our founder

Vernon Erb set a high standard for the treatment of our employees and our customers when he started this company in 1959. Without his unwavering commitment to these two groups of people, we may not have the culture, goals, or mindset that we do today. Here at Erb Transport, we ensure our customers, employees, and all other stakeholders thrive in this industry with us.

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Bob Johnson

This is so true,,,,,and simple. It is amazing why so few people get this concept. The drivers are the best salespeople. The thing I like about what I’ve experienced at Erb is a willingness to look at things differently. Keep it up~!

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