Sharing the Road Safely with Transport Trucks

In recent weeks and months, we’ve seen some terrible accidents on our highways, with many of them unfortunately involving large transport trucks. Due to these recent events, we’ve decided to take this week’s blog post as an opportunity to give you a few tips for safely sharing the road with these trucks. Our goal is to keep the roads safe for all drivers.

3 tips to know when sharing the road:

Give them room. Weather you’re behind, in front of, or beside a transport truck, it’s always important to give them space. If a transport truck is driving at 90km/hr, they need a minimum of 142 meters to come to a complete stop. That is equivalent to a football field, plus an extra five meters! This measurement is also assuming there is ideal weather conditions, flat roads, perfect breaks, and more. Always leave ample room in front of the truck, in case they need to come to a halt.

2. They make wide turns.
It’s important to know that these transport trucks need a lot of extra room to make a turn. If you ever see a truck that looks as though they’re signaling the wrong direction, there is a strong chance that they are actually just lining up to make the turn! Sometimes, passenger cars try to pass the truck before they turn, but this can be dangerous as the truck won’t be able to see the car beside them! Always stay behind stop lines at intersections to allow trucks room to turn. If you’re a cyclist or pedestrian, stay well back behind the curb! Wide turns are one of the most important things to recognize about sharing the road with these trucks, as it can be the most dangerous aspect!

3. Stay visible.
Another way to drive safely with transport trucks is to keep out of their blind spots. It’s important to recognize just how massive these trucks really are. Transport trucks have blind-spots behind, in front, and on both sides of the truck. The best thing to do is to pass through the blind zones smoothly and not to linger, and always leave extra room around the truck. Additionally, if you’re a pedestrian crossing the road in front of a truck, there is a strong chance they don’t see you. Always step a few meters away from the truck when crossing the street, and try to make eye contact with the driver to ensure he sees you!

Following our tips on safe driving will not only help you, but will also help everyone around you. Although accidents do occasionally happen, sharing the road with these trucks is normally an easy task. Follow these tips while driving alongside trucks and even other passenger cars to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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