Applying for a job can be intimidating, and an interview can be just as nerve-wracking. Here at Erb, we strive to keep our recruitment process as comfortable and streamlined as we can.  Our team knows that creating an open atmosphere and encouraging candidates to succeed brings out the best in people.  Want to know more about our recruiting team, what motivates them, and how they can help make your next career move successful?  Here’s an inside look at our Erb Recruiting team, one by one!


NAME: Lisa Shaw

TENURE: 10 months

POSITION: Corporate Recruiting Supervisor

Lisa, our Corporate Recruiting Supervisor joined Erb 10 months ago, and brings over five years of recruitment and leadership experience, combined with her knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry.   Shortly after joining, Lisa was impressed to learn about the variety of driver positions available to driver candidates.  “No two drivers are the same, or are looking for the same type of work, so it’s a competitive advantage to have a wide range of options available to accommodate the preferences of today’s driver candidate”.   When asked about what makes Erb a great place to work, Lisa was quick to respond.  “The value Erb places on its employee’s is very clear to me, from our family-oriented culture, the in-depth training we provide, the opportunities available for growth, and the way employees are recognized for their contributions”.  In an industry facing driver shortages and a war for talent, Lisa feels privileged to lead the recruitment team for an industry leader with an award winning reputation.


NAME: Krystal Satchell

TENURE: 12.5 years

POSITION: Corporate Driver Recruiter

Krystal, one of our Corporate Driver Recruiters, has worked at Erb for 12.5 years with a career trajectory that is anything but linear.  Krystal began as a part-time weekend employee, and has worked in various departments such as Switchboard, U.S. dispatch, and Erb Expedite until finding her place in recruitment four years ago.  “Erb has provided me with the opportunities to grow professionally in my career.  I am able to apply my knowledge and past experiences working in different departments, and can share the culture and knowledge of this business with our applicants”.   To Krystal, recruitment is about creating a positive connection with the candidate to the organization.  Taking the extra time and effort to personalize the process, and by getting to know each candidate, Krystal is highly successful and takes great pride to ensure that the right candidate is fit to the right position.


NAME: Adrienne Elliott

TENURE: Six months

POSITION: Corporate Recruiter

Adrienne, Corporate Recruiter, started at Erb six months ago and has so far been a great addition to the team. She believes that a successful recruitment process comes from combining technical competency with the right personality for the job.  Each position is different, and requires a different set of skills. Adrienne takes these differences into consideration each time she starts a process, and recognizes that no two positions are the same.  She values diversity within the workplace, and encourages different personalities and skills.  Adrienne also believes that Erb’s family culture is a major factor to growing our business and our name in the Community.  “It’s a great company, with lots of dedicated employees willing to share the culture and knowledge of the business”.


NAME: Jacquelyne Dounedara

TENURE: One month

POSITION: Corporate Driver Recruiter

Jacquelyne is a Corporate Driver Recruiter who joined the Erb team a little over a month ago, and feels grateful to have landed within such a supportive team.  Prior to starting her career, Jacquelyne graduated from Sir Sanford Fleming College completing an advanced diploma in Business Administration – Human Resources Management, and has had the privilege of working within a variety of industries which include education, healthcare, and manufacturing.  From Jacquelyne’s perspective, Erb’s workplace culture is highly engaging where people are valued, as she already feels encouraged to share new ideas and look for ways to innovate and improve.  “Employees are encouraged to get involved within the organization, and are treated with mutual respect and appreciation”.  When asked about what makes Erb the best employer, Jacquelyne adds “We are friendly, diverse and inclusive. We treat everyone like our own family.  And if this is something important to you, this is the place for you.” In the short time since starting with Erb, Jacquelyne is impressed to see so many friendships established between Erb drivers, despite these drivers working different hours.  The feeling of being part of a family and an industry leader makes Jacquelyne excited for her future with Erb.


NAME: Tessa Janssen

TENURE: One month

POSITION: Recruiting Assistant

Tessa has joined the Erb team as a Recruiting Assistant, working to complete her co-op work term for the Human Resources Management program at Conestoga College.  Along with an Honours Sociology degree from the University of Guelph, she feels her education has helped prepare her to quickly adapt to her role and the culture at Erb.  “Candidates come from so many different backgrounds, and can be unique in their own way – especially drivers”.  Providing recruitment support to the Corporate Driver Recruiters and the Corporate Recruiter, Tessa has quickly recognized the value of having active listening skills and good communication which helps her to excel in her position.  As a strong team player, Tessa is pleased to have the opportunity to apply and grow her knowledge, and looks forward to all that is yet to come in her recruitment career.

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Lee Griffi

Great feature on your recruiting team! I’m hoping I can become a member of your Head Office team in the Communications role.

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