Start Introducing Transportation Industry into Schools

If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts, then I know you’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again: the trucking industry really is one of the most sustainable and successful industries to date. Erb Transport is over 50 years old and still thriving and expanding every single day. Plus, there are so many different jobs in this industry other than just truck driving! There’s marketing, human resources, administrative, mechanics, operations, the list goes on! Literally, it’s almost never ending. Let’s start introducing this industry and all that it’s worth!

Now, if this is such a sustainable and secure industry, with so many different opportunities, why are we lacking employees in almost every aspect? It’s because not many people are being introduced to this industry at all! People with unique and diverse skills almost never think of the transportation industry as a career, because they are unaware of all that it offers! It’s time to start introducing the transportation industry in our schools.

Introducing the transportation industry, especially commercial transportation, into elementary and high school classes is a great place to start! Throughout my entire high school career, working in the commercial transportation industry came up a total of 0 times. Even if someone had briefly introduced me to it, there is a strong chance I would have turned it down because of my lack of knowledge about it! I would have been a part of the issue I’m writing about today! We need to introduce this industry to children at a young age, and let them truly understand its benefits and opportunities. This industry has so much more to offer than most people realize.

Working for a transportation industry has been one of the biggest eye openers of my life. If you had asked me last year if I would ever be working for a trucking company, I would probably have said no. That’s because when I thought of the commercial transportation industry, I immediately and exclusively thought of truck driving, but I had never been so wrong! There are so many different and unique job opportunities in this industry. When you’re in this industry, you’re in a fast-paced, advancing, and stable career that you can build your life around. I wish that someone in my high school or elementary school has introduced this industry for what it is, and if they had, I’m positive that more of my classmates would be in this industry now, too!

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Jacquelene Brotherton

I totally agree as it is a great industry with lots of opportunities that should be better publicized.
However trying to get the schools to even let you speak to the students about trucking us a hard sell.

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