The History of the Transportation Industry

As mentioned time and time again, the transportation and truck driving industry is one of the longest standing industries to date. Although the demand for commercial transportation has fluctuated and varied over the years, it has always been a necessary service. Before commercial transportation, businesses shipped goods and products from locations in close proximity to them, in order to make the process of retrieving their goods easier. Now, with the truck driving industry more prominent than ever, businesses can transfer products from across the country with little to no hassle. Today, businesses would have a difficult time operating without the use of commercial transportation.

The rise of the commercial trucking industry began many years ago, primarily during Canadian war times. This was the time period when it became crucial to transfer products and resources to different areas around the country. After this time period, the need for commercial transportation continued to grow. This was when many transportation companies were founded, as the need for commercial transportation was on the rise.

Erb Transport, for example, was founded by Vernon Erb in 1959, making our company over 50 years old! When Vernon first founded Erb, the industry was very different. Vernon worked out of his home for many years, with his wife, Viola. Viola was the accountant, dispatcher, secretary, and more! Vernon was the driver, and when he wasn’t on the road, the mechanic. Despite his father’s wishes that he finish high school, Vernon took his own path and began Erb Transport. Vernon and Viola worked out of their home for many years, always making their own opportunities and success.

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