Essentials for the Road

In our last blog post, we discussed the three most important things to know when entering the truck driving industry, and this week we will be discussing the four most important things to take on the road once you’re in!

1. An Emergency Kit. Being a truck driver can often involve trips that extend across the country, and can sometimes last a few days! While travelling through places you’re not too familiar with, being unprepared for a situation is the last thing you want. That’s why making yourself, or buying a premade emergency kit is a must! The kit can include first aid products, extra money, a flashlight, basic tools, and more. Nine times out of ten, your trips will run fairly smoothly. However, if you’re stuck on the one trip that isn’t too smooth, you’ll thank yourself for making this kit!

2. A Map. Although GPS’s and other technological devices are great resources, carrying an old fashioned map never hurt anyone! Getting lost in another province, or even country, would definitely pose a challenge for any truck driver, so having a map that can’t run out of battery can be crucial on the road. Although, here at Erb, our dispatchers are so helpful, you’d never be stuck anywhere for long.

3. Sunglasses. Because even if you’re the most organized person in the world, you will lose yours.

4. A Camera. As mentioned in our last blog post, one of the greatest benefits of truck driving is the scenery and experiences you have while on the road! We guarantee that at least a few times on your travels, your high school photography class will come in handy. The pictures we’re sent from our drivers are some of the most breathtaking ones we’ve ever seen.

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