Erb Transport: Unified and United Together

Seeing employees work together to help our local communities and customers is a common theme here at Erb Transport. Often times, our employees volunteer or fundraise for charities, and other times we use our storage facilities or trucks to store and transport products for food banks free of charge. One aspect of Erb’s unity that hasn’t been discussed, however, is the instantaneous help you receive from your fellow employees when you work at Erb. Our employees come together at all times, especially when the goal is to help each other, or to help Erb Transport as a whole.

Here at Erb, we are all working towards one main goal. That goal is to make our company as successful as possible, which often means going the extra mile for each other when we need it. These helping hands are a fundamental reason why our organization feels more like a family than a business.

Vernon Erb, the founder of Erb Transport, will regularly deliver shipments if we need assistance, or even if he just wants some adventure! This culture stems from the very beginning of Erb Transport, when Vernon and other employees would be out on the dock loading trailers until the early hours of the morning. Vernon is as willing and dedicated as ever to get our shipments delivered.

Vernon’s son Wendell, the current President and CEO, is also more than willing to go out on the road if it results in taking some pressure off our drivers. Although these two are incredibly busy, they are always willing to go above and beyond when we need them, and all of our employees love seeing them.  

Many other employees in various roles at our terminals have their AZ licences, and are ready and willing to help their fellow drivers meet their deadlines. Especially in the summer months, when employees are on vacation, or when shipping demands peak, their help is greatly appreciated.

Seeing our employees help one another is a primary reason we maintain our family-spirited culture and values. As our Cold Storage manager Jason once said, “We come in together and leave together”, and that’s just how it works here at Erb.


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